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Abraham Lincoln Accomplishments pdf

Abraham Lincoln accomplishments as President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln accomplishments as  President of the united states of america cannot be undermined. This could be seen in the  13th amendment, Trent Affair, Homestead Act, Morrill Act, Pacific Railway Act, the constitution of the United States, National Banking Act, emancipation proclamation, abolishing slavery. In this article, we are going to talk about  the various aspects of Abraham Lincoln in line with his accomplishments as President.

abraham lincoln achievements as president of the united states

Abraham Lincoln, who is consider and ranked by some scholars of history or  by some historians as the greatest president in the united states of America, who has ever reigned in the, history of the united states of America, is the central focal point of one of the united states presidents in this article. This article examines Abraham Lincoln contributions not only as USA president, his  achievements during his entire early political life. Abraham Lincoln accomplishments, in the economic sector, social sector in the United States, shall be included in this article as well.

Abraham Lincoln accomplishments as president in the political sector-United states

Abraham lincoln achievements, in the political sector of the United States are very known and renowned in the history of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln political accomplishments, in the history of United States, remains engraved in the mind of the American people. One of the first political accomplishments, or, achievements of Abraham Lincoln, in the, United States of America, was when he became the state legislator of Illinois in 1834. His political accomplishment as a state legislator of Illinois was to carry out the transfer accomplishments of the Illinois states capital from Vandalia to Springfield. This act brought Lincoln recognition in his political career as the, Illinois legislator. This was a great start to his political career and political prominence to great leadership in his life.

 Lincoln accomplishments could also be seen in the second aspect of Abraham Lincoln political life was in 1861 to 1865. During, Abraham Lincoln presidency, he had to exercise his authority as the then, USA President, to establish peace in the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln succeeded in leading the Union in the, American civil war, which lasted for four years. The American, civil war, which took place in 1861 and ended in 1865, was the struggles of the southern states to secede from the United States of America as a whole.  Lincoln plans to prevent the southern states from seceding from the United States was considered an accomplishment and a success.


President lincoln accomplishments in political affairs  became visible during his presidency in November 1861. This was the incident involving the British involvement in the American civil war.

During the period of 1861 the Union became tangled with Britain in an affair which was acknowledged as the, Trent Affair. The Trent affair was an affair that nearly led to a war between the United States and the British. This incident came as a result when the government of The Confederacy sent two of their officials known as, James Murray Mason, and, John Slidell, for a mission to Britain and France in order to gain the support of the British and the French in favour of the Southern government. Afterwards, tripping over the Northern barrier to Cuba, James Murray Mason and John Slidell embarked on a British ship Trent. On November 8, 1861, the day one while at sea, the British ship was stopped and investigated by a US Union naval captain, Charles Wilkes, and the two Southerners, James Murray Mason, and, John Slidell, were booked off the ship and arrested as captives. Wilkes's action was seen as a defilement of the intercontinental law above which the United States had to go to war with Britain in 1812. Britain requested for an excuse and the discharge of James Murray Mason, and, John Slidell, who were the two prisoners. Charles Wilkes was seen as a champion in the North, and many Union supporters were requesting for warfare against Britain.  The wise and intelligent intervention of Abraham Lincoln over the Trent affaire helped to restore peace and the prevention of war between the United States and Britain. Lincoln action was that he   tolerantly let the protesters have their say. Before he freed the Southern emissaries, Britain decided to agree and accept Lincoln’s word that Charles Wilkes did what he did without receiving orders from the United States government and without their permission. In this way, Lincoln prevented what would have been a deadly conflict between the United States and Britain. This historical accomplishment was also a memorial act in, Abraham Lincoln presidency.


Another area of great accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln was in the aspect of emancipation proclamation. This was also one of Abraham Lincoln’s great accomplishments where he urges the slaves to fight for their freedom during the American civil war. Lincoln’s accomplishments became visible in this sector when he issued the emancipation proclamation on the 1st of January 1863 there by abolishing slavery in states rebelling against the United States. Lincoln decree gave freedom to over three million United States slaves, and this decree was passed into a law in 1865 and was registered in the, 13th amendment, of, the constitution of the United States.


Abraham Lincoln accomplishments as president in the economic Sector-United states

Abraham Lincoln accomplishments were also visible in the economic sector. During his political career he signed the Homestead Act, Morrill Act, and Pacific Railway Act in 1862 to promote the economic sector and settlement of settlers. The National Banking Act, was also signed by Abraham Lincoln in his goal to promote the economic sector.

The effect of the civil was brought about an automatic inspiration of industries and agricultural activities in the north and the west of the United States. Due to these situations, the union started growing in a rapid proportion. During the period among 1861 and 1865, it was noted that a population of over eight hundred thousand (800,000) Europeans settled to the north, and three hundred others went to stay in Oregon and California. Due to these factors, the United States president, Abraham Lincoln, had to derive means to promote peaceful and happy settlement. Because of the above reasons, Lincoln had to sign three important acts in 1862 so as to promote settlement.

The first act was known as the, Homestead Act. The Homestead Act was the Act which awarded to settlers of the western land 65 hectares each. Those who were awarded these lands had to live there, and use the lands for five years after which they will have to be paying to the United States government a small fee.

The second act which Abraham Lincoln signed in order to promote settlement was the, Morrill Act. The Morrill act was the act which permitted the United States government to have a free land that will allow the United States government to establish agriculture and mechanical colleges. These colleges were created to train and build experts who will grow and develop skills in agriculture and mechanics for the benefit of settlements and the state.


The third act signed by Abraham Lincoln was the, Pacific Railway Act.  The pacific railway Act was the Act which consists of the construction of a transcontinental rail road from the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads, which had stayed for long as the government national objective to accelerate development and growth of the west of the United States.


The accomplishment of Abraham Lincoln In the area of finance: Abraham Lincoln established a national banking system and a standard currency system with the National Banking Act in February 1863. Abraham Lincoln signed the National Banking Act because he identified that bonds were another easy way through which money could be raised for the government. The National Banking Act, which was signed by Lincoln so as to make provision for a system that, allows national chartered as well as privately owned generally banks that could give out government bank notes supported by federal bonds. All this was also to facilitate the flow of money in the United States economy.


Abraham Lincoln accomplishments  in social sector of the United States

Abraham accomplishments, in the social sector of the United States of America are also visible and similar to that of his accomplishments, in the political and economic sector. Abraham Lincoln helped to improve the lives of people in the social sectors by promoting settlement in some areas in the United States such as Oregon and California. Lincoln contributions to the construction of agricultural and mechanic colleges are counted as part of his accomplishments in the social sector in the United States of America. This aspect of development helped to improve on the social and economic lives of the new and old settlers in the respective areas in the United States.


Abraham Lincoln accomplishments were all visible in political, economic and social sector in the United States of America. The various acts signed by Abraham Lincoln, and various decrees and decisions he made as a political giant help to the construction and development of the United States of America.  Abraham Lincoln accomplishments are the today’s reality of the United States of America.



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