Rosa parks short biography for kids, teaching game

Rosa parks short biography for kids, teaching game, facts about parks

Rosa parks short biography for kids, teaching game, facts about parks, is the game contents of this section. In this game section about Rosa parks, kids and students as well will have to challenge their teacher in a series of questions and answers. This is a quiz game which consists of 15 questions and answers. If they answer all the questions correctly, it means they have succeeded in defeating the teacher and demonstrating their knowledge. While playing this game, they will come across challenging questions such as ,Who is Rosa parks, what is Rosa parks famous for, where did Rosa parks lived as a child, what year was Rosa parks born, What are the full names of Rosa Parks, Which year was Rosa parks known for her act of confrontation with a white person, Why was Rosa Parks arrested in 1955, How much was the fined of Rosa Parks for her act, what was Rosa Parks Job title or position from 1965-1988, Who was the secretary of the Montgomery branch of the NAACP in 1943? What is the name of Rosa Parks Husband, What’s the name of the president who awarded Rosa Parks a Presidential Medal of Freedom, What’s the full meaning of NAACP an organisation founded to improve the condition of blacks in the United States, and more. Play the Rosa parks short biography for kids game below and experience more.

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