Facts about john paul jones, john paul jones kids game


Facts about john paul jones, john paul jones kids game, john paul jones biography

Facts about john Paul jones, john Paul jones kids game, john Paul jones biography, are the activities of this game section. In this game section, kids and students as well will test their knowledge about john Paul jones as they play this game quiz on important people in United States history. This game consists of twelve quiz questions with multiple choice setting. Kids select the correct answer as they deal against the pirates. While taking part in this game on john paul jones, kids will encounter questions such as, Who was John Paul Jones, When was john Paul jones born? Where was john Paul jones born? What was john Paul jones known for, was John Paul jones also known as an outstanding naval captain during American Revolution, What was the formal name of his flagship, was The name of john Paul jones flagship Bonhomme Richard, when john Paul jones was commissioned a lieutenant he was attached to the first American flagship called, what was the former name of John Paul Jones, In 1792 was John Paul jones appointed U.S. consul to Algiers, and more. Play the game on Facts about john Paul jones quiz game below.

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