All us states, capitals of us states

All us states, capitals of us states, us states alphabetical, US states and capitals list

All us states, capitals of us states, us states alphabetical, US states and capitals list, in an alphabetical order are the main contents of this page. As an American citizen, it’s very important to know all us states, capitals of us states, us states alphabetical, so as to better understand the geographical setting of your country. The United States of America is one of the biggest and largest countries in north and South America, and the third populated country in the world after china and India.

The United States is made up of 50 states. Two out of all the 50 US states are considered as non-contiguous states. These two states are Alaska and Hawaii. The most populated state in the United States is California State, followed by the state of Texas which is the Second most populated state in the US. Wyoming State is the least populated state in the United States. According to the national census, California had 33,871,648 inhabitants, more than any other state or all us states.

The state of Washington is the only state that is given the name of a U.S. president (First United states President, George Washington). Washington State was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state on November 11, 1889.  The state of Alaska which is in the northernmost and westernmost state of the United States of America is the largest state amongst all us states.

The state of Alaska is a state that was bought from Russia by the United States by the then secretary of state William H. Seward. The rights of the Russian- American Company in Alaska were bought by the United States of America for a sum of 7.2 million dollars as sign of a sign of complete sovereignty.

The state of Hawaii, which is also nicknamed the Aloha State, is the only state amongst all us states which is an island state, and the southernmost state in the United States of America. Hawaii State became the 50th state of the Union in the 1959 in the month and day of August 21st. This state is known to have several volcanic peaks despite her unique nature at particularities as compared to other states. The largest and southernmost of the Hawaii islands; has several volcanic peaks

The above was just some highlights about some important facts about some us states which are of significant and of historical importance. Below you will find ,all us states, capitals of us states, us states alphabetical, US states and capitals list, for knowing and learning.


     US STATES                                    CAPITALS       

  1. Alabama                   -           Montgomery          
  2. Alaska                       -           Juneau          
  3. Arizona                     -           Phoenix        
  4. Arkansas                  -           Little Rock    
  5. California                 -           Sacramento
  6. Colorado                  -           Denver         
  7. Connecticut             -           Hartford      
  8. Delaware                  -           Dover           
  9. Florida                      -           Tallahassee  
  10. Georgia                     -           Atlanta         
  11. Hawaii                       -           Honolulu      
  12. Idaho                         -           Boise 
  13. Illinois                       -           Springfield   
  14. Indiana                      -           Indianapolis
  15. Iowa                           -           Des Moines 
  16. Kansas                       -           Topeka         
  17. Kentucky                  -           Frankfort     
  18. Louisiana                  -           Baton Rouge           
  19. Maine                       -           Augusta        
  20. Maryland                 -           Annapolis    
  21. Massachusetts      -           Boston          
  22. Michigan                  -           Lansing         
  23. Minnesota               -           St. Paul         
  24. Mississippi              -           Jackson        
  25. Missouri                   -           Jefferson City         
  26. Montana                  -           Helena          
  27. Nebraska                 -           Lincoln          
  28. Nevada                     -           Carson City  
  29. New Hampshire      -           Concord       
  30. New Jersey             -           Trenton        
  31. New Mexico            -           Santa Fe       
  32. New York                 -           Albany          
  33. North Carolina       -           Raleigh         
  34. North Dakota          -           Bismarck      
  35. Ohio                         -           Columbus    
  36. Oklahoma                -           Oklahoma City       
  37. Oregon                     -           Salem
  38. Pennsylvania          -           Harrisburg   
  39. Rhode Island           -           Providence  
  40. South Carolina        -           Columbia     
  41. South Dakota           -           Pierre
  42. Tennessee                -           Nashville      
  43. Texas                         -           Austin           
  44. Utah                           -           Salt Lake City          
  45. Vermont                    -           Montpelier  
  46. Virginia                      -           Richmond    
  47. Washington              -           Olympia       
  48. West Virginia           -           Charleston   
  49. Wisconsin                -           Madison       
  50. Wyoming                  -           Cheyenne   

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