History important people in America

History important people in America is all about people who have contributed to the history of the united states of America in one way or the other. These are people whose ways and activities brought about positive change in the history of the united states of America. These are people who were involved in the American revolution, American civil war, civil rights movement in America, sports, Music, movie acting, dancing, singing, Banking, exploration, freedom fighters and more.  United states of America is a country which has undergone several period of wars, disputes, both between black and whites and the colonies as well.  The success of the united states of America today is based on the aspect of the history important people in America.

The connotation "History important people in America “constitute of the combination of the different races of people who made the history of America to be successful. This includes the native Americans, black and the white people themselves. Immigrants who migrated to the united states played a major role as well in the history of America. Looking at their biographies and background some of them were not American by blood but migrants by generation.

This article will focus on history important people in the united states of America such as Walt Whitman, John Adams, Louis Armstrong, George Washington, John Brown (abolitionist), César Chávez, Crazy Horse, Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Du Bois, James Monroe, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, John Glenn, Ulysses S. Grant, Alexander Hamilton, Ernest Hemingway, Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones (naval officer), John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert E. Lee, Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, James Madison, John Marshall (jurist), Thurgood Marshall, Joseph McCarthy (politician), , J. P. Morgan, Thomas Paine, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Jackie Robinson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, John Smith (colonizer), Harry S. Truman, Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington, Abraham Lincoln, James Watson and Benedict Arnold. Click on the image above or this link to get the full reading on history important people in America who also impacted the world.


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