What is the declaration of Independence document in U.S History? Questions and Answers


What is the American declaration of independence document all about?

The declaration document consists of the declaration of liberty of the British colonies in America from the British rule. More questions and answers about the U.S declaration of indepedence document below.


1.       What is the declaration of independence?

A-      a document in which American colonists proclaimed their freedom from British rule

B-      Rights of American colonies

C-      Rights of British colonies

2.       When was the declaration of independence adopted?

A-      July 4, 1778

B-      July 4, 1776

C-      July 4, 1779

3.       The declaration of independence document can be divided in to how many parts?

A-      4

B-      3

C-      2

4.       A formal claim of independence was part of the declaration of independence document.

A-      True

B-      False

5.       The declaration document gave the British colonies the desire to over throw British rule.

A-      True

B-      False

6.       Who prepared the initial draft of Declaration of Independence?

A-      James Madison

B-      Thomas Jefferson

C-      John Adams

7.       A committee of ----------worked on the declaration document.

A-      10

B-      5

C-      7

8.       The declaration of independence document included an expression of the colonists’ grievances and their reasons for declaring freedom from Britain.

A-      True

B-      False

9.       The Declaration of Independence document is one of the great historical documents.

A-      True

B-      False

10.   Blacks quickly used the language in the Declaration of Independence document to challenge slavery in the United States.

A-      True

B-      False


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