What is the Continental Congress and what did they do- Answers


What is the continental congress of America all about?

Learn about the American continental congress history through the questions and answers found below. Answers to questions on United states continental congress are found in green.


1.       What was the Continental Congress?

A-      American inter-colonial assemblage of delegates

B-      Colonial assemblage of delegates

C-      American  assemblage of delegates


2.       What did the continental congress evolve in to?

A-      an economic union of the united states

B-      the actual revolutionary government that directed the war for independence

C-      the presidency of the united states


3.       In which hall was the first Continental congress held?

A-      Beach hall

B-      Carpenters' Hall

C-      Congress hall


4.       In which state or city was the first continental congress held?

A-      Texas

B-      Mississippi

C-      Philadelphia


5.       In which was the first continental congress held?

A-      September 6, 1775

B-      September 5, 1774

C-      September 8, 1764


6.       One of the objectives of the continental congress was to retaliate against the British parliamentary intolerable act over the Boston Tea Party.

A-      True

B-      False


7.       How many colonies were represented in the first Continental Congress?

A-      11

B-      40

C-      12


8.       First Continental Congress was a declaration that stated the rights of the colonists.

A-      True

B-      False


9.       The Second Continental Congress debated a resolution for independence

A-      True

B-      False


10.   On March 1, 1781, the Continental Congress was replaced by the..

A-      American congress

B-      Colonial congress

C-      Congress of the Confederation



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