History of colonial America Summary Questions and Answers


Summary of History of Colonial America with Answers to Questions

Find below History of colonial America summary questions and answers


1.       Colonial possessions in Colonial American were dominated by the European nations.

A.      True

B.      False


2.       The primary reason behind possessing colonies in America was to generate income.

A-      True

B-      False


3.       What was the reason that made English Colonies in North American to become dominant than the others?

A-      Because of their political system

B-      Slave tolerance

C-      Religious tolerance


4.       Why did many people migrate to the North America?

A-      Religious tolerance and cultural diversity

B-      Economic tolerance

C-      Financially tolerance


5.       Who discovered America?

A-      John Columbus

B-      Christopher Columbus

C-      Philippe America


6.       In which year was the Americas discovered?

A-      October 12, 1492

B-      November 23, 1345

C-      January 15, 1218


7.       Which European countries created huge colonial empires in the western hemisphere?

A-      Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, and England

B-      Russia, Austria, Norway, France

C-      Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain


8.       The European colonies in North American exported good to Europe which expanded the trade and wealth of Europe.

A-      True

B-      False


9.       In which year was the Name "United States of America" established?

A-      1776

B-      1763

C-      1700

10.   What incident led to the establishment of the name "United States of America"?

A-      The American Civil war

B-      The American Revolution

C-      The cold war

11.   America was a European colony for how many years?

A-      15 years

B-      156 years

C-      80 years

12.   Which year did America became a colony?

A-      1604

B-      1607

C-      1763

13.   Which year did America ceased to be a colony under Europe?

A-      1763

B-      1607

C-      1509

14.   Colonial American culture became more diverse after 1700 because of the influx of many African people.

A-      True

B-      False

15.   American Revolution led to American independence.

A-      True

B-      False



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