Emancipation Proclamation Definition Summary Questions and Answers


The Meaning of Emancipation Proclamation with Summary Answers to Questions

Kindly find below the emancipation proclamation definition summary with questions and answers about everything related to this declaration.



1.       What was the Emancipation Proclamation?

A-      slaves within any State, or designated part of a State shall forever be free

B-      Empowerment of slavery

C-      Freedom in the united states


2.       Who was the U.S president who made that Emancipation declaration?

A-      James Buchana

B-      Abraham Lincoln

C-      Andrew Johnson


3.       Which year was the Emancipation proclamation?

A-      January 1, 1861

B-      January 1, 1863

C-      January 1, 1860


4.       During which war was the Emancipation proclamation made?

A-      American Revolution

B-      American civil war

C-      American war of Independence


5.       In 1862, the federal government forbade all Union army officers to return fugitive slaves.

A-      True

B-      False


6.       In 1862, the federal government annulled the fugitive slave laws.

A-      True

B-      False


7.       All slaves in the District of Columbia were freed with the abolition of fugitive slave laws on April 16, 1862.

A-      True

B-      False


8.       What happen to the president who proclaimed the emancipation?

A-      He resigned as president

B-      He was assassinated

C-      He was Sacked by the Attorney general


9.       With the enactment of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in effect in 1865, slavery was completely abolished.

A-      True

B-      False


10.   Emancipation Proclamation never played an important role in the freedom of slaves.

A-      True

B-      False





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